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I ❤ Auction Day!

Finding treasures is one of my most favorite things to do. Thrift shopping, estate sales, garage sales…you name it! But, my favorite is the auction. I just love everything about it. The auctioneer shouting out numbers at rapid speed, the people gathered all around, the treasures…fun, fun, fun! Today’s auction had an extra dose of… Continue reading I ❤ Auction Day!

Handmade by Kabibi Mei

Do it Yourself – Jelly Bean Jars – KKTV follow up

It was fun this morning with Stacia on KKTV 11 News.  Reese ran across the set in the last seconds of the segment…Stacia just rolled with it, she is definitely a pro! As promised, I am back to show you how to make these wee, little, pretty, jelly bean jars!  Use the colors you like,… Continue reading Do it Yourself – Jelly Bean Jars – KKTV follow up