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  1. Hi, i am opening a NEW HANDMADE unisex co-op boutique in a very hip area of Hollywood, Ca., which is upscale, urban and diverse. We are in the final stages of lease negotiations and our location will be 1600 square feet, part of which will be used for classes taught by our local artists. Please “like” our facebook page for brief information and photos and future updates. Our store will be designed with a combination of vintage/modern/industrial/funky. I will be renting space to artists from $50 to $200 a month, plus 20 percent commission. I think our clientele would love your work and this is an excellent and economical way to break into the Los Angeles market! As a seller, you will have 24-hour online access to your sales! Please contact me at, if you think this could be a fit for you. I am so excited about this project and hope we have the opportunity to work together, thank you and best wishes, marci siegel
    P.s. i realize this message is brief, it is just an introduction for your consideration. I have 35 years retail experience and 1000’s of business dealings on etsy and ebay, if you would like to check my business integrity. Our name in etsy is and ebay is mf101.

    P.S.S. I expect to fill this store through renting space, but would consider consignments if all space is not rented. Also, please send wholesale terms so I may keep them on file.

    1. Hi Marci,

      Thanks for thinking of me! I recently had a horrible experience with an out of state B&M store and $700 of my merchandise is tied up until the Attorney General’s Investigation is over, I don’t know if I will ever see my stuff again! That being said, I owned my own B&M for a year, and conducted my business with integrity, so I know it is possible and does happen : )

      At this time, I am only interested in doing Consignment or Wholesale and would consider doing consignment out of state if I were provided with references.

      My wholesale terms are 20% off the retail price when ordering 10 similar/sameitems. And 30% off of the retail price when ordering 20 or more similar/same items.

      Let me know if you have any questions. My email is

      Thanks Again and Best Wishes!
      Kabibi Mei

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