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So You Have a Booth in a Craft Fair? Now What!?

This entry is for those of you that have committed to having a Booth in a Craft Fair and are now thinking: “What do I do now?”

Congratulations you Crafty person, you!  You are going to LOVE it, and just so you know, you are at risk of becoming HOOKED to Craft Fairs and Bazaars!

And, if by chance you are looking for a Craft Fair in Colorado Springs, check this one out!

Now is the time (even if the event is months away) to start thinking about how you will set up your booth and display your items.  How you display your merchandise is absolutely KEY to your sales!  Keep in mind the size of your booth and start planning!

Here are a few tips for success:

  • Know your demographic.  Keep in mind that a majority of your customers at a Craft Fair will be women.  So, you will want your booth to be appealing to women.
  • Avoid using a single, boring table as your display.  People will seriously walk right past your booth.  The idea is to draw them in!  The good news is that it is that simple, the bad news is that it’s going to take some extra time, brain power, creativity, and work on your part…but, it will be worth it!
  • Think: inviting, comfy, like a living room.  If people step into your booth, they are more likely to stay and look around for a few minutes.
  • Pick a color scheme.  Dead Serious.  If you have a good color scheme that is pleasing to the eye, it will catch people’s attention.  Package your merchandise within the color scheme, use displays within the color scheme, make your signs and price tags within the color scheme!  Stick to the colors you choose and you won’t be sorry.  A great way to choose a color scheme is to go onto Pinterest or Google and search “Color Palette”.
  • While building/preparing your display, start with individual displays, then begin to work on putting the displays together and arranging.

    gingercake blog.jpg
    Love this picture of Virginia’s booth.  She has great ideas, check our her blog: Gingercake. (Click on Picture)
  • Pick one to three displays that can be focal points.  Something intersting that will catch people’s attention like: window shutters to hold jewelry, a ladder to hold quilts, A chalkboard sign with your business name, etc.  It is good for this item to have some height, rising above other displays.  Be thinking about what others will see when they scan your booth.  What will catch their attention and draw them in?

    swing rack.jpg
    Great example of a Focal Point.  This is a swing that is used as a shelf and a clothing rack!
  • AVOID CLUTTER!  Clutter makes people feel uneasy.  Everything needs to have its place.  You can fit a LOT of merchandise in a little booth, but you don’t want it to look like an episode of “HOARDERS”.
  • Plan to use up all of your space.  Work UP (the walls, the ceiling if it is low enough, etc…) if you can – within arms reach. That will give you LOTS of additional space.

Some other things to think through:

  • Prepare various price points.  Make sure to prepare items that someone can pick up for inexpensive as well as your top dollar items.
  • Invite Crafty friends to come and set up a booth.  Vendors invite their friends and family to come, so the more, the merrier!
  • Plan to invite EVERYONE you know.  Tell people about it!  Tell them that you are excited about it!  Give them brochures, share the event on Facebook, tweet, instagram, all of the above!  When you help to spread the word, you help make the event a success.


 I would love to see pics of what your booth looks like!  You can send them to kabibimei@yahoo.com

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