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Obsession with Vintage Dishes

Last April, we completed our kitchen remodel. I love my new kitchen. We decided on white shaker cabinets, a gray island, and gray granite counter tops. I ended up choosing a light blue (almost turquoise, but not quite) penny round tile as the backsplash and it did not disappoint. It gives so much character to the room.  There is a definite retro feel.  When you add in my pink KitchenAid Mixer and pink coffee maker, it adds to that feeling!

Once the kitchen was complete, I knew that I really wanted to find some vintage dishes for my new space, slowly replacing my current dishes with dishes that match the feel and colors of the room.  I have been on a mission completely obsessed with finding what fits! Combing the internet, visiting thrift stores and antique malls, craigslist, yard sales, whatever I can find!

So, I have been collecting.  Sometimes I find great things for my kitchen:

Some Pink Melmac, Blue Heaven China, Corning Ware Soup Bowls…oh my!
I have love for Pyrex!

And sometimes, I find great things for your kitchen!

Gold Scroll Pyrex

Town and Country Pyrex

Vintage Jelly Jars

You’re Welcome : )

Just so you know:  If a trade interests you, I’m game!  Just email me at kabibimei@yahoo.com and let me know what you have and what you want.




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