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Happy Halloween! This Morning on KKTV.

I love him.

Happy Halloween!  I am so excited for our craft on KKTV this morning!  I just couldn’t resist this classic : )  I have always bought my scarecrows.  I don’t remember the last time I made one.  So, I thought, “Why Not!?”

When the kids get home from school today and they are bouncing off the walls with excitement for this evening’s festivities, this craft will keep them out of your hair for at least 30 minutes!  You’re welcome.

What you will need:

(If you know me, you know that I make what I have work, so use things around the house, it will make your little friend more interesting!)

1. A base.  Something to support your scarecrow, so he/she isn’t floppy.  Here are some ideas of what will work: A candlestick w/ a heavy base, A chair, A vase (w/ some rocks in the base), A lamp, A plunger.

2. A pillow case.

3. Pencil.

4. Vinyl paints or Sharpie markers.

5. Stuffing.  I used newspaper, but you could use paper, paper towels, toilet paper, old blankets, bunting, rags, leaves from your yard.

6. Straw or Rafia.  I used raffia (less messy, and it’s what I had on hand.)  You just need a little bit.

7. An outfit : )  You can use some old clothes or take a quick trip to the thrift store.

8. Safety Pins.

Begin with the face.  A pillow case works beautifully.  I made a family of scarecrows, so I purchased a beige, flat sheet from the ARC (on sale for $3) and cut it into pillow case sized pieces and sewed together (seriously took me 20 minutes to make 5.)

Draw your face with pencil first :Image

Then, you can paint or color in with Sharpie or fabric markers.  I used vinyl paint.  I would recommend using a piece of cardboard inside your pillowcase, so it doesn’t bleed or stick to the back side.

Here is one of my little guys:


Next, pin the top corners to the back side:

(If you use paint, allow it to dry first.)


This will keep your scarecrow’s head from being too box-ey, and will allow a hat to fit!

Now it is time to assemble!

2013-10-31 06.52.17

Next, stuff the head and put it on the top of your base:

2013-10-31 06.53.39

Then tie the head to the base:

2013-10-31 06.54.34

When you add the shirt, safety pin it to the head:

2013-10-31 06.56.49

Just stuff as you go.  Then, safety pin all of the clothing together.

Next, you add the finishing touches!  I put raffia at each of their wrists and coming out of the top of their shirts.  You can also add yarn for the hair.

2013-10-31 07.17.15

Have Fun!  I would love to see a picture of yours!  Please send to kabibimei@yahoo.com and will post them on my blog!  Please comment here to let me know you sent the pic.

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