A Red Lipstick Kind of Life · Handmade by Kabibi Mei

Special Guest – Miss Colorado

Had to tell you all that I got to meet Miss Colorado, Hannah Porter this morning.  She helped with the craft segment, and was a pleasure to talk with for the few minutes I was at KKTV this morning.



photo-miss colorado


You all don’t know about my pageant history….I’ve never told you!!!!  I am the former Miss Pikes Peak (1997 y’all, a LONG, LONG time ago!!!)  I was in line to compete in the Miss Colorado Pageant, and ended up giving up my crown.  It is a long story, but the reigning Miss Colorado had her crown taken away, I wasn’t happy about it, so I gave it up.

It was kind of crazy seeing this young lady, our potential next MISS AMERICA!!!!  That’s a big deal!!!! We need to help her get into the top 15 in the Miss America Pageant!  Go to the Miss America website, and vote for Miss Colorado, it will really help her out!  Thanks all!!!!!

miss colorado2

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