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Follow Up – Thanksgiving Centerpiece Idea


This post will outline the steps that Stacia and I went over on KKTV this morning.  This is one of my favorite centerpiece ideas so far because it is fast, easy, and cheap.  You may not know this about me, but I like a quick craft, 10 minutes or less!!!

What you will need:

1. empty bottles, if you need some quick, ask a local restaurant.  My friend, Laura works at a restaurant in town, she supplied mine (thanks, Laura!)

2. taper candles

3. lighter

First, you will want to soak the bottles overnight.  I soaked the bottles in my tub with some oxy clean.  The next morning, most of the labels were falling off, however some bottles still required a little ‘elbow grease’.  Once the bottles are prepped, let them dry for an hour or so.

Next, you need to melt the bottom of each candle a bit before you put them in the bottle.  This will cause the candle to adhere to the bottle a bit as it dries.  I would recommend using another candle to melt the end, so you don’t use up all of your lighter fluid.


Once you set the candle at the top of the bottle, you can then use the other candle to melt the excess wax around the mouth of the bottle top.  This will cause the wax to drip down the side of the bottle, which just looks fancy, and fancy is good when it comes to candle centerpieces, right?  ; )


See the fancy wax…


Piece of cake ; )


And now you can enjoy a piece of pie!

I added some pinecones and used lace as my napkin rings, but the possibilities are really endless.  You could also put things inside the bottles, some suggestions would be lace, ribbon, colored water, pebbles, sand, glitter, marbles, lights, buttons, nuts…whatever!

You can also re-use this centerpiece for your Christmas meal.  Again, you can fill the bottles with Christmas-ey things like tinsel, lights, cranberries, or you could leave them empty and use red taper candles….like I said, the possibilities are endless, just go for it!

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