Another Centerpiece idea. This is one I pulled out of the archives. Hope you enjoy! *smooches*

Kabibi Mei

Good Morning and Happy Thanksgiving!  Today is our final little project.  You gotta have a centerpiece, right?  This one is VERY simple and quick.  Supplies needed for this craft: foam balls in one or two or even three sizes, yarn in the color of your decor, and pine cones.

First, you need a cake stand (with a lid).  If you don’t have one, look at a thrift store OR you can make one easy with a clear bowl, a plate and a candle stick!

No need to spend money, this does the trick!

Next, you need foam balls.  I used three different sizes, but you can us a few as one size or as many as three.  I already had some, but I found some more a the thrift store, which was a jackpot because these little things can be awfully expensive!

Next, you just wrap the foam ball in…

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  1. LOVE it!!! Now you want to come decorate my house!?! 😉 You come up with the most amazing show pieces – LOVE them!!! Can’t wait to see what’s gonna be on here for Christmas!!!

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