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I’m back! Did you miss me?

Hi All!  I am sorry I was gone for so long.  I’ve been feeling a huge lull in inspiration lately!  But, I am hoping that as of today the funk is over!  Thanks to my new favorite blogger, Jillian Owens over at refashionista.net.  Oh my goodness, this little lady is AMAZING!  Every day for 366 days, she took a frumpy, ugly, thrift store find and made it into something new and fabulous!  She finished her year, and decided to continue!  She is now donating everything she makes to be re-sold and all profits will go to a women’s shelter!  I am so impressed and inspired ; )  Be sure to check out her blog, and take a look at all of her creations!

SO, Jillian gave me the spark to give it a shot, I picked up this frumpy thing at the Salvation Army for $3.  I liked the print, and thought with minimal alterations it could be pretty.  The trick is seeing the potential, right!?

oh my goodness.

Ok, quick disclosure: I am NOT a seamstress, and have only remembered the basics from the sewing lessons my grandmother gave me (and by the way, she is an amazing seamstress), so I didn’t even try to give you step by step instructions on what I did because I was after all, completely and totally WINGIN’ IT!  I would have never been able to even tell you what I was doing because I have no idea how to speak the jargon of people that sew…Is there a jargon….Jargon is a word, right?  Besides, this blog entry is to just show you how amazing it is that I figured it out!  If you would like to know HOW to do this, please visit Jillian’s blog, because she is the one that knows what the heck she is talking about ; )

I decided to take off the sleeves, bring down the neckline a bit, and bring UP the hemline!  I was iffy on the sash, but decided it was a keeper with the finished, hip, fashion savvy, dress!  I even had to bring it in a couple of inches and do a couple of darts in the chest (I think they are called darts, but again, I don’t know for sure, work with me.)


Certainly not model material, but CUTE dress!

Even better with another recent thrift store find…Banana Republic linen jacket…YEAH!

The dress has pockets! Awesome!


LOVE IT and wore it all day!



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