Handmade by Kabibi Mei

More Easter Table Decor

Hi All!  I’m back to show you what I am doing for my Centerpiece and more for Easter ; )  I actually came up with this idea last year and made it for my mother in law’s easter table decor.  I loved it all so much, that I made myself one ; )

Supplies needed:

  • Candlesticks, lots of them (a minimum of seven) from a variety of places in a variety of styles.  The more ornate, the better, in my opinion.
  • Spray paint in the colors of your choice.  I chose some pastels and some fluorescents in a variety of colors.  I also got some Flat black spray paint, but chalkboard paint would work great too.
  • Paper Mache or wooden eggs.
  • Chalk Marker or White Marker
  • Drop Cloth
  • Rubber Gloves or something to protect your hands.
Step One:  Get you some candle sticks gurrrl! or boy : )  I have been collecting candle sticks for a year in anticipation of this project.  This will be the more expensive item on your table, but you CAN find inexpensive candle sticks, it IS possible.  I didn’t pay more than $4 for a single one.  I shopped the clearance section at Hobby Lobby mostly, but also found great deals at Ross and thrift stores.  If you can paint it, then pick it up!  I tried to stay away from too many skinny, simple ones : )  I like the bulky, ornate style better, but whatever you find will work.
Kind of boring now, but wait until you see the finished product!
 You will want to clean them from any dust, hair or sticky residue from price tags.
Step two: Pick up some paper mache or wooden eggs from the craft store.  I used paper mache eggs because they were 3 for $1, but I will never use them again for this type of project.  Stick with the wooden eggs if you can because it is so difficult to get the sticker tags off of these eggs that sometimes the paper mache rips off with the tag….grumble!  If you leave the tag on, you will see the edges of it after painting, so that’s stinky ; (
You can see the tag in this picture. This is why wooden eggs might be better!
Step Three: Paint!  Lay out your drop cloth outside and go for it!
I LOVE the black, it just makes everything else REALLY pop!

I used Flat Black. Looks like chalkboard paint, but cheaper!

Step Four : Allow them to dry for at least 24 hours.

Step Five:  Once everything is dry, you can add names to your eggs for each place setting ; )  I used a white chalk-marker.


All Done!  I just love how everything turned out!

If you love them, but don’t want to make them, I do have them available for sale in my shop by custom order only, that way you can tell me what colors you want ; )  I have one set of seven available for purchase in these colors.

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