Handmade by Kabibi Mei

This Morning on KKTV Channel 11 – Jelly Bean Jars ; )

This morning, Stacia and I will be crafting Jelly Bean Jars.  During the 9am show.  You don’t want to miss it!

Tune in to Channel 11 News

Hello Cuties!

When I am finished with the show, I will put up the tutorial on how to make these pretty babies AND I will let you know how you can win your own set of jars…

SPRING is in the air (even if it is snowing!)

AND there will be another give-away, but I won’t tell you about it now because it’s a surprise ; )  But I can tell you that you don’t want to miss it!

So, make sure to check back HERE around 10am!

Oh yeah, almost forgot…I will also be posting some other easter table decor ideas this week!  If you stick with me, you and I can have your entire table ready in time for your easter meal!

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