Vintage Obsession

Easter Dress Shopping!

Last year around this time I did an Easter Dress Shopping post.  You liked it, so I thought I would do it again : )

Here is what I came up with.  You may notice a theme…If I could, I would buy a new 50’s style dress every year because, well, they make the world more beautiful!  All of these dresses are from fantastic Etsy shops.

Something in yellow:

Gorgeous Yellow Dress from TheVintageStudio


I am loving this yellow dress from FireflyVintage. You could wear this one any day!

Something in blue:

Simple and Elegant from VogueVintage
Another beautiful dress from TheVintageStudio on Etsy. LOVE THIS SHOP!!!

Lavender, of course:

LOVE Lavender for Easter! This one is from bohemiennes on Etsy.
Absolutely love the plaid! From mom24kids.

And saving my favorite for last…PINK ; )

love. From persephonevintage.

And, dun da da da!!!

My favorite. From TheVintageStudio.


That was fun : )

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