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Thirty-five?! Holy Smokes!

I am 35!  My Birthday is actually in November, but today is the first chance I’ve had to do this blog entry ; )

So, this year, my New Years Resolutions sort of started on my birthday.  Thirty wasn’t easy for me, and really every birthday since hasn’t been all that exciting…I’m not impressed with getting older, it’s not cute…ha!  So, this birthday was no different, I woke up depressed, I mean, I hadn’t even opened my eyes, and I thought, “Crap, It’s my birthday.”  It’s funny how things change!  When I was younger, I loved to celebrate, especially with gifts, the more the better!!!  But as I get older, even the presents don’t seem to stifle the nagging feeling of youth exiting every pore of my ever-aging skin more rapidly by each passing moment, ugh.  Just the thought of getting a day older adds another wrinkle! (See this is what I woke up like that morning, exhausting isn’t it?  I could barely stand being around myself!)

By 11 that morning, I got a GRIP!  What is my problem?  Thirty five is the new fifteen, after all, I AM STILL getting zits!!  I have so much life left to give!  I have people to see, plans to make, children to raise, dogs to walk, missions to accomplish, and gift cards and birthday money to spend!  Who says that thirty-five won’t be my best year yet?  Certainly not me, I would never whine about getting older, this glass can only be half full!!!!  Out of my way world, look out because I am just getting started!  I mean it!


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