Handmade by Kabibi Mei

One Centerpiece, Coming Right Up!

Good Morning and Happy Thanksgiving!  Today is our final little project.  You gotta have a centerpiece, right?  This one is VERY simple and quick.  Supplies needed for this craft: foam balls in one or two or even three sizes, yarn in the color of your decor, and pine cones.

First, you need a cake stand (with a lid).  If you don’t have one, look at a thrift store OR you can make one easy with a clear bowl, a plate and a candle stick!

For my example, I used a candle stick, pie plate, and glass bowl.

No need to spend money, this does the trick!

Cake stand...done!

Next, you need foam balls.  I used three different sizes, but you can us a few as one size or as many as three.  I already had some, but I found some more a the thrift store, which was a jackpot because these little things can be awfully expensive!

Next, you just wrap the foam ball in the yarn or fiber of your choice.

No adhesive is needed, the yarn sticks to the foam, this way you can use the yarn and foam balls again.  I wrapped lace around some of my examples, I just used pins to hold them into place.

Next, you need the pinecones.  You can add a little glitter with Elmer’s glue to the pinecones if you’d like.

Last, just arrange the pine cones and yarn balls in the lid of the cake stand.

Then add your cake stand bottom, and flip over.  You are finished!  Total cost for this craft:  $1 or less (includes foam balls only because I had everything else.)

For your Christmas spread, you can add berries or take out some of the foam balls and pinecones and add ornaments, remember to check the thrift store!

If you don’t want or don’t have the time to make these, they are now available for purchase in my shop!

Some other quick ideas to add a finishing touch to your table:

If you used glitter on the candle holders or pine cones, you can sprinkle just a little bit around the table.

For favors, I will use hershey kisses in little brown boxes tied with a bow in the same fibers I used for the centerpiece, but the possibilities are endless.  Some other favor ideas are: a piece of fruit at each place setting (pears would be beautiful), Caramel Apples (oh, love that one!), simple ornaments (it would be cute to make pine cone ornaments for each guest), A set of gift tags to use for Christmas (they will love that!), tea bags or hot cocoa mix.  Something I try to keep in mind with favors: I want them to match the table decor, the gift should be delicious and/or useful, I want it to be a little something that says, “thank you for coming, I am thankful for you”.

Happy Thanksgiving, and thanks for reading!  I am thankful for this blog and the people that read it!!

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