Handmade by Kabibi Mei

Next Project: Upcylced Napkin Rings

For the next piece of my table decor project, I did napkin rings. I found several at the thrift store for super cheap! They are different from each other, they were even pretty cute, but they don’t match the color scheme…not a problem, I can fix that! Supplies needed for this project: yarn in the colors you are using for your decor, and a glue gun w/ glue sticks.

Just dab a little bit of glue on the inside of the napkin ring…

Next, start the yarn in the same spot of glue.

Then, you just wrap and wrap and wrap around the napkin ring. You don’t need to apply glue all the way around the inside of the ring, but it is a good idea to put a dab every so often to keep the yarn secured into place.

And, there you have it! Keep in mind, it is totally fine if you end up with different shapes, you can make them coordinate! The trick is in seeing the potential!!!

You can use these napkin rings over and over again! Just cut off the yarn and re-cover in a new color to match your new decor! Play with it a bit, you could use ribbon, lace, twine, raffia, whatever!! SO FUN!!

Total Cost for this craft: I made 20 napkin rings for $5.50! This price includes napkin rings and glue sticks, but I didn’t include yarn because I already had it : ) If you need to buy yarn, check the thrift store first, sometimes they have bags of it for a steal!

If you don’t want or don’t have the time to make these, they are now available for purchase in my shop!

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