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Follow up from 9am show on KKTV 11 news

Here is your recap from today’s show on KKTV 11 news. Thank you Stacia for having me on again! I am so impressed with how it all works!

Check back for other craft ideas between now and Thanksgiving. This year I chose neutral tones of grays and silvers, browns, creams, white and gold, but any color scheme will work, you can choose whatever you like! Also, you can use these same ideas for your Christmas spread, I will give you some ideas on how to do that with each craft!

Ok, so you will want to start with a glass, any glass will do, but a glass that goes straight down from top to bottom is better than one with curves. I picked up my glasses at the ARC yesterday. They were about 50 cents a piece! Never pay full price for anything, even at the thrift stores! If blue tags are 50% off, then only get blue tags!

Next, you will need some sticks that are cut to the size of your glass. No exact measurements needed, it looks better when it is a bit uneven! We covered some of our sticks with glitter. To use glitter, just cover the stick in Elmer’s glue and sprinkle the glitter on.

Then, you just glue the sticks to the glass using a hot glue gun. I would recommend a low temperature hot glue gun if you are doing this craft with the kiddos.

Just throw in a tealight and Ta da! Finished! You can wrap yours in ribbon or twine or just leave as it. Total cost for this craft: $4.00 (including glue sticks, glue and glitter!) For your Christmas spread you can just hot glue a little sprig of berries to the outside, or ribbon always does the trick!

Thank you to my kids who helped with this project!

Brennen, Triston and Reese with their candle holders.

Stay tuned for more craft ideas!

2 thoughts on “Follow up from 9am show on KKTV 11 news

  1. We enjoyed watching the show this morning. Lyle and I made a Thanksgiving centerpiece a few weeks ago..used a clear cake topper/plate..filled it with Hobby Lobby gourds and Fallish type things. We were pleased with our finished product!!! Glenna

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