A Red Lipstick Kind of Life


Okay, so I have been throwing around the idea of getting chickens. My friend, Laura sold me on the idea when she told me that you can get a red chicken that lays PINK eggs! I kept thinking about experiencing it with my kiddos! Knowing good and well that it would be an adventure, and even though this adventure involves poop (lots of poop), I said let’s do it! Remember, I want to live a RED LIPSTICK kind of life, so I went and got 4!

I am going to have more eggs than I know what to do with!

Aren’t they cute?! From bottom left to right by name: Egg Dropping (Brennen’s), Spike (Triston’s), Ariel (Reese’s), and Paisley (mine). Tee Hee!

Oh, forgot to mention that Tim was out of town when I got the chickens (surprise, honey!) So, I called my dad and asked if he could build me a chicken coop (on Father’s day…)

He said “yes”! I was so excited, as you see here…


So Dad and my Step-Mom, Karen formulated a plan.

Then Dad, and my baby brother, Charlie started building!

TA DA! Fabulous!


Hey, by the way…If you are thinking of getting chickens, check out the Pickin’ Chicken App by Mother Earth News on your iPhone or iPad, a good friend, Ryan told me about it, and it was a tremendous help, especially for this city girl!


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