A Red Lipstick Kind of Life

A Red Lipstick Kind of Day!

A Red Lipstick Kind of Day

Big Red Lips
Red lipstick and bug eyes apparently...

I have come to the conclusion that wearing red lipstick is SO not for sissies! I have been under the impression that most women (especially me) can’t pull it off. But today, I woke up and determined that it was a Red Lipstick kind of day. No reason really, I just felt like it.

So, I got all gussied up, painted my nails and my lips BRIGHT RED. Now, I’ve tried this before so I was prepared for some of what I would inevitably encounter, however I either forgot or was completely unaware of just how courageous you have to be to wear this crimson color on your lips! People look at you differently…it is true! You are noticed everywhere you go! Stares and glances, whispers even…I tell you the truth!

This may come as a surprise to you, but I don’t enjoy that attention, that must be why it has been over 10 years since I’ve gone a full day with red lips! I think every other time I’ve tried, I end up frantically rubbing back and forth across my lips with a tissue, trying to get every trace of scarlet off before quickly applying the light pink, clear or nude colored lip gloss I am so comfortable with!

Well, no more safe lipgloss for me, people! Today is the day for change!! I can pull it off, and so can you! I don’t care what anyone else thinks! I am committed to living a little, determined to have frequent adventures, to not stand for the everyday, mundane, routine, lifeless day to day boringness! AND it starts here, with the red lipstick!

Starting now, I have a new section here in my little blog called: A Red Lipstick Kind of Life….I will post about my little adventures here! It’s gonna be fun!

off we go!


4 thoughts on “A Red Lipstick Kind of Day!

  1. Haha! You’re so cute! I’m there with ya! I’m thinking that’s why I went for the purple streaks. CHEERS to no more mundane!! 😀

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