Handmade by Kabibi Mei

DIY Easter Garland Follow-Up

This morning on KKTV, I mentioned different variations of decorating ideas for your egg garland.

***This item is now available for purchase in my shop!***

One option mentioned on the show was stickers. Your kids will love to decorate the plastic eggs with stickers! Any stickers would work, I chose letter stickers to spell out “EASTER” as shown below…



Another option is Rub-Ons. I LOVE Rub-Ons! I use them in many of my crafts. They stick really well to the plastic.


By the way….a great place to get your Stickers and Rub-Ons is at Scrap 4 Less at Austin Bluffs and Barnes! Sue, the owner is a really nice lady. She carries all of the discontinued merchandise from the big craft/scrapbook stores. If your like me, you don’t care if items are discontinued. I like a great price, and she has great prices on everything in the store!

I got most of my stickers and Rub-Ons pictured below from her store!



The next option I will mention is tissue paper to decorate your plastic eggs. You take tissue paper (any color or pattern you choose) and some decoupage glue, and simply glue the tissue paper to the egg.




When the glue dries, you may want to go over the egg one more time with glue.

The last option I will mention today for the Easter egg garland is stringing beads on the thread with your eggs. It looks nice, and it is super easy. You can also buy wooden beads from any craft/hobby store and paint them with vinyl paint in any color of the rainbow!


I do hope you have enjoyed this craft! More to come, keep checking back!
; )


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