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My New Favorite Song

I look forward to watching Grey’s Anatomy every week, and after Thursday night’s episode, I don’t know how the show could possibly get any better!

Thursday night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy was a musical….say what?….yes, it’s true! The character Callie Torres, played by Sara Ramirez (who, by the way, can REALLY sing) sang my new favorite song at the end of the episode.

Hold on…A little history…

I am a music nut…In fact my life is a little musical playing out everyday. Many of my memories are attached to a tune, I fill everyday with music (how else would I make it through on some days!?). I have songs that I associate with people, feelings, moods, and situations. When I am bummed out, certain songs ALWAYS make me feel better. Particularly when I am singing, all is right with the world! A Good melody isn’t just sweet sounding to my ears, it penetrates my soul. And sometimes when I hear a song that I love, I am never the same again!! So, you get it, I LOVE music!

You must check out this song! It is called THE STORY by Brandi Carlile.

Brandi Carlile

I LOVED the way Sara Ramirez did this song (you have to see it!) but Brandi does it even better! Here is a video of her singing ‘The Story’ live.

I hope you love it as much as I do!
You’re Welcome ; )

2 thoughts on “My New Favorite Song

  1. So, I have to tell you that I thought of you when they sang this song, and the times you had to go through with Triston which made me cry even more………I love me some Grey’s!

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