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In case you are not familiar with the term ‘up cycled’, let me fill you in…up cycling is when you take an item that would otherwise be used for something else, trashed, or collecting dust somewhere, make it into something new (or new to you) that can be used and that is totally unique and fabulous! Up cycling is one of my favorite things, I love it, love it, love it! Check out these fabulous examples I came up with today on Etsy!

Up-Cycled from tshirts…

I am in love with these tshirt necklace/scarves from Teener’s Treasures

Kiss me, I’m Irish tshirt wallet by Rogue Empire

Tshirt leg warmers, one of many up cycled tshirt items from Oh-Zie

Up cycled from guitar strings, these earrings from cheapdatejewelry ROCK!

Speaking of guitar, check out these up cycled (from gift cards) guitar picks from Full Circle

Up cycled spoon ring by Marchello Art

Or an up cycled spoon necklace from Sunshyne Silverwear Art….

A Wrist Belt by Dingle Wear

A Penny Necklace by It’s All About the Print

Coasters up cycled from vinyl Billboard Banner by Notty Pooch

Love this pedestal up cycled from a plate and candlestick by burlap and blue

And how about buttons…

Button bracelet by Kabibi Mei

Button Garland by Kabibi Mei

Try buying up-cycled items, you will love them!

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