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Most Recent Home Decor Project

I have been wanting to do this little project for a while, but seriously haven’t had any time. Finally after the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I was able to set aside 1/2 a day to focus solely on my latest little project ; )

This was completely inspired by a Pottery Barn Catalog. You will soon learn about me that I am unwilling to spend a fortune on anything (even shoes) when it is possible to get it or make it for little or nothing.

My main living area (kitchen and living room) is done in creams, browns, with a touch of antique blue (patina). I LOVE the hint of pretty blue color, but rarely find anything in the right shade and when I do, it is usually WAY over priced! The project was to put together a visual stimulating something, anything on my mantel, and while I didn’t hate what was there (some pictures, a vase, candles) it just didn’t fit with the picture in my brain. So, here it is, the finished product…

I gathered some old, outdated, ugly frames from around the house (free, and sadly I had a lot of them), purchased several frames from Hobby Lobby Clearance (ok, I LOVE Hobby Lobby Clearance, and up until now they were my best kept secret, so don’t go buy everything up before I get there!) not a single one was more than $4.76. I bought some acrylic paint in 4 different shades ($1.20 or less each), and a paper mâché letter “P” ($2).

I started with the “P”, painted with acrylic paint, decoupaged (fancy for glued, but you can get decoupage glue from any craft store) words and definitions from an old dictionary (free, cause I already had it, I bought it from a local antique mall -one of my favorite places- months ago for like $5), let the glue dry, then went around the edges of the paper with more paint. And Voila!…

Next, I painted each frame, several coats. These frames were all different colors, one was hot pink with a leopard pattern! I also took out the glass and backing from each frame, bit it would look good with pictures as well, in fact I may add pictures to a couple of them , so it looks like someone lives here…ha!

I also got this mirror from Hobby Lobby, ($4.08 on clearance, and it was hot pink and black) I LOVE how it turned out!

For a finishing touch, I added my Willow Tree figurines and vases (already owned). Oh, and btw, the tree hanging above is a Kabibi Mei original! Total cost of this project (including decoupage glue and old dictionary) ……wait for it……$31.87, give or take a few pennies AND I have lots of leftover paint and decoupage glue for my next project!

This was a fun, inexpensive, and easy project! Maybe this blog will motivate me to do some more of those ; )

5 thoughts on “Most Recent Home Decor Project

  1. hi, Cory. I have three words for you: make me one!

    Haha. I think I could, I just don’t have the time any more. Full time work is hard. nuf said.

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