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Enter Fairyland

My daughter, Reese’s birthday was in December. When I asked Reese (this was her 4th b-day) what she wanted to do for a party, I was relieved that she didn’t say Tinkerbell or Princesses. I mean those are fun, but she specifically said that she wanted a “Rainbow Fairy Tea Party”! I must confess that this party could have been for me! I LOVED everything about it and had the best time putting it together!

It was magical! From the streamer rainbow….

To the whimsical centerpiece…

To the party favors…I got each girl their own piece of china (a creamer dish filled with goodies) from Ross (holla!), they were $2.99 or less for each piece!

I already owned most everything you see in the pictures, with the exception of a few of the pieces in the centerpiece, the creamer dishes, and the vine ribbon that I hung the flowers from. This entire party with food, decorations, party favors AND gifts was less than $100!

It was so much fun! Reese and her little friends (and all of us mommies) Loved this party! I want to go back to Fairyland!

6 thoughts on “Enter Fairyland

  1. The details you put into this are amazing! The rainbow, the pieces of china, the flower vines…when you pick a theme you run with it! My brain so does not work like that! My kid picks a bug themed party and I am think “sweet” a bug cake and plastic bugs for the party favors…you, YOU would have the house decorated like an underground ant colony or something!
    So impressed!

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