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Obsession with Vintage Dishes

Last April, we completed our kitchen remodel. I love my new kitchen. We decided on white shaker cabinets, a gray island, and gray granite counter tops. I ended up choosing a light blue (almost turquoise, but not quite) penny round tile as the backsplash and it did not disappoint. It gives so much character to the… Continue reading Obsession with Vintage Dishes

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I ❤ Auction Day!

Finding treasures is one of my most favorite things to do. Thrift shopping, estate sales, garage sales…you name it! But, my favorite is the auction. I just love everything about it. The auctioneer shouting out numbers at rapid speed, the people gathered all around, the treasures…fun, fun, fun! Today’s auction had an extra dose of… Continue reading I ❤ Auction Day!

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Happy Halloween! This Morning on KKTV.

Happy Halloween!  I am so excited for our craft on KKTV this morning!  I just couldn’t resist this classic : )  I have always bought my scarecrows.  I don’t remember the last time I made one.  So, I thought, “Why Not!?” When the kids get home from school today and they are bouncing off the… Continue reading Happy Halloween! This Morning on KKTV.

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Special Guest – Miss Colorado

Had to tell you all that I got to meet Miss Colorado, Hannah Porter this morning.  She helped with the craft segment, and was a pleasure to talk with for the few minutes I was at KKTV this morning.       You all don’t know about my pageant history….I’ve never told you!!!!  I am… Continue reading Special Guest – Miss Colorado


Poinsettia Template – Follow up from KKTV 11 news this morning.

Good morning all!  I hope you love the craft we did on 11 news this morning!  I absolutely love the way they turned out and you will too!  It takes some time to wrap all of that yarn, but the payoff is worth it!   The flower is SUPER easy to make, but again, a… Continue reading Poinsettia Template – Follow up from KKTV 11 news this morning.